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Corporate Transaction Guide

Corporate transactionsBelow is our corporate transaction guide which should assist you in understanding how different elements of web development are evaluated. We have separated the costs into two major categories, one-time and ongoing costs. We can give you a price quote on one-time costs upon your request (click here to request a quote) while ongoing costs are fixed and non refundable.

One-time Costs

Design Web Design

This involves the development of a template for your web pages including the navigational and functional structures such as forms and information display pages. This cost is often combined with the Web Development cost outlined below.

DevelopmentWeb Development

Using the approved template from the web design process (outlined above) our web developers implement all the required functionality of the website by using the appropriate technologies to bring the website to "life"

PromotionWeb Promotion

Optionally, we offer web promotion services which you may choose to utilize to promote your website. Through search engine submissions, email blasts and SMS blasts we can ensure that your website reaches a wider audience.

Ongoing Costs

RegistrationDomain Registration

Depending on your choice of registration duration, the domain name you have registered (e.g. will have to be paid for once the duration expires. Most individuals and small businesses prefer to pay for a year or two.

HostingWeb Hosting

This involves paying to keep your website files on a computer called a web server for a period of one year. This computer is constantly connected to the internet and serves your web pages to any person that types your domain name in a browser.

MaintenanceSite Maintenance

It is very common to have your website updated from time to time as information changes. Also, a website may be offline due to technical issues and these have to be resolved as part of routine maintenance practice.

MiscellaneousMiscellaneous Services

Some other services which have to be paid for periodically or in bulk such as SSL, SMS etc (See our FAQ for a list of terms) can also be grouped under ongoing costs though they are all optional services.


For most projects, we normally use the following payment schedule:

  • 1/2 when the statement of work is agreed to
  • 1/4 when the website is launched
  • 1/4 30 days after the website is launched

We accept payments by Cheque, Cash or Direct deposit into our bank account. On long-term projects, we will send you a periodic statement of charges. All payments are due 24 hours upon the receipt of our invoice.

A penalty of 10% per month on the unpaid balance is imposed starting one month from the invoice receipt date.


We subscribe to an open source standards-based approach to our projects. Normally we retain the copyright on all source code and documentation we develop. We grant you an unrestricted license to use the source code and documentation any way that you want. But, you cannot remove our copyright statement (i.e. "Powered by Cygress").

Copyright for any text we write for display on your website or for any graphics or other similar objects we design that represent your company such as icons and logos will be transferred to you upon final payment.

Copyright for any graphics, text, or data supplied by you will retain the original copyright.


Cygress warrants that all services shall be performed consistent with generally prevailing professional or industry standards. The exclusive remedy for any breach of the above warranty shall be the re-performance of the services or a 100% refund of the design and development charges (domain registration, hosting and incidental charges not included). This warranty shall be in effect, for a period of one year from the launch date.