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Website Maintenance

Config-ToolsNowadays, potential clients will very often visit your website before contacting you. In many cases they will already have an idea about your company and its products and services. It's extremely important that you provide your potential client with useful and relevant content that will assist them in doing business with your firm. And in order to ensure your website is up-to-date, displaying your most recent and relevant work, services and products, you'll need to regularly maintain your website.

A lot of people believe that once a website is created, it remains valid and relevant forever. This is a mistaken belief as websites are online deposits of information; and information is constantly changing in today's world. Prices fluctuate, addresses change, products are created etc. There are usually a thousand and one reasons why it is certain that the information on your website will need to change at some point or the other.

Having a proper website maintenance plan is of utmost importance to keep your website in business. Website maintenance guarantees smooth functioning of a site, especially its operational aspects.

Website maintenance will take care of issues such as spelling mistakes in text, broken links, feedback not answered, missing images and page titles, and more. Although these things might sound minor, however when ignored, they can portray an unprofessional side and prove to be a setback for your business.

Outsourcing this task is a cost effective and highly strategic measure for most businesses that do not require daily changes to their websites.

Our website maintenance packages include different tasks such as quality assurance, monitoring of website infrastructure, performance review, feedback management, change control, and web content management. We can tailor our services to meet your specific needs and circumstances.

The benefits of outsourced website maintenance:

  • Keeps your customers updated with the latest information about your company
  • Fresh websites make more money
  • Enhances your marketing and promotional actions
  • Improves your company's brand image and aids in expansion
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Reducing errors and downtime
  • Costing a fraction of the cost for a full-time employee
  • Leverage on a top-notch experienced team
  • Handling all administrative tasks for your website
  • Ensuring website information is accurate
  • Helps to solve and monitor possible operational problems and avoids potential catastrophes with clients
  • Your personnel can spend time handling their own tasks
Examples of website maintenance requests:
  • Temporary help while your developer is on vacation
  • Adding new information about your company or staff
  • Adding new pages to your site for new offers or promotions
  • Changing an address or contact information
  • Adding new pages or content to your website
  • Changing dynamic code on a website
  • Fixing bugs and checking for broken links on your website
  • Product changes and additions
  • Updates to calendar or events
  • Add breaking news or upcoming events
  • Add photos, graphics, graphs and charts
  • Text re-writes and improvements
  • Site face-lifts and makeovers

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for one of our maintenance plans today! Click here to view our most current packages.